What can you do to help us slow, prevent or reverse aging?

You can donate…

Donate to the SENS foundation, or the MFoundation. Or longecity.com aka imminst, if you like grassroots efforts.

…or do something else
  • Spread the word: blog, tweet, post, like it, talk about it.
  • Critize it! A good scientist will always change his or her opinion given new evidence. Discuss and provide constructive criticism.
  • Do the science, or support the science. Get a degree and support your local university.
  • Buy a book or two. You can learn more about the topic of healthy life extension. Ending Aging is a good start, or another book on biogerontology (no particular recommendation yet)
  • Get political and petition your government. Contact local politicians. Vote accordingly.
  • Indirectly, promote a world view that values: humanism, atheism and agnosticism, critical thinking, equality, LGBT and women’s rights, a healthy diet, the fight against poverty, science, education, freedom and smart growth, environmentalism, liberal and progressive social democracy and the free distribution of knowledge.
  • Look out for yourself: eat a healthy mostly plant based, low or moderate calorie diet. Work out, don't stress, don't smoke etc. However, never forget that only biomedical research will lead to true advances.

There’s much more, other Ideas from...

... Longecity

... Dr. Aubrey de Grey's SENS.org

...The MFoundation

this post was adapted from the above sources.


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