The Alzheimer's pipeline: who fails next?

There are fields of study which require deep pockets, nerves of steel and a lot of serendipity. AD is one of them. As is HIV vaccination or the search for an HIV cure. As are several cancers e.g. pancreatic.
...between 1998 and 2011...drug developers have scrapped or halted development of 101 meds for the complex disorder and brought to market only three treatments for symptoms [!] of the disease...
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The bad luck continues:
The brutal drumbeat of Alzheimer's clinical failure continues at Eli Lilly. After the Phase III failure of their gamma-secretase inhibitor semagacestat, and a delusional attempt to pretend that the anti-amyloid antibody solanezumab succeeded, now comes word that the company has halted studies of a beta-secretase inhibitor.
This one wasn't for efficacy, but for tox...

Several drugs are in the pipeline. This one's quite interesting:
In a Phase II clinical trial of 16 patients, Gammagard effectively shut down the progression of Alzheimer's with the optimal dosage. Patients who received a placebo or did not receive the optimal dosage continued to decline.
So far, this seems to be the most promising medication in the Alzheimer's pipeline, consistently stalling the progression of the disease for four years in a small clinical trial. Baxter's goal for the medication is to maintain high levels of functionality during the early stages of the disease. Though few patients are better than no patients, Phase III data are due in the first half next year and that, as tradition demonstrates, is where prospective Alzheimer's medications go to die.
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