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I am a little mouse and I want to live longer!
Life is precious. Health too. This is why communities of researchers and citizens dedicate our lives to discover new ways to gain additional years of healthy life.
As research progresses, more and more compounds are believed to be good to maintain health over long periods of time. But wouldn't that take decades of clinical trials to verify it? A key step is to do such a clinical trial... in mice : that is what we call a mouse lifespan test. Mouse lifespan tests are infrequent because of their length, their costs and the required environments; but it is crucially needed to continue adding years of healthy life.
Here, we step on the shoulders of giants : by contributing you can help us test a combination of drugs shown to extend healthy lifespan in mice. The largest life extension in mice so far resulted from a similar effort, where one mouse lived very close to 5 years (mice usually live 2-3 years)! The result should be key to to optimally search for additional years of healthy life.

Indirectly supported by the SENS Foundation -therefore tax-deductible in the USA, large enough sample size, rational polypill approach. And I assume that they will not make any obvious mistakes if they are advised by Stephen Spindler.

Funding fees of 4-9% (overhead). EDIT: Now I have found the correct number for non-profit fund raisers: "nonprofit are automatically granted a 25% discount on our platform fees..."

Animal husbandry? SPF/Hygienic Conditions? Lifespans of historical controls? What approach will be taken to exclude crypto-CR/weight-loss?

Overall, the project seems legit and methodologically sound, but I have only briefly reviewed the issue. I will try to follow the story as it develops.


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