Drug approvals - more good news from Pharma

More than two years ago I blogged about an upturn in drug approvals. Although, there were concerns this might be a temporary fluke, so far the trend has continued. Let's just hope that drug prices do not rise all that much in the future, since 2014 has been the year of biologics and orphan drugs, not exactly known to be cheap. (Note: In 2013, 7 out of 10 best-selling drugs were biologics.)

Drug approvals (New Molecular Entity + Biologics, ref. 1, 2) increased from the low 20s from the years past.
2007: <20
2012: 39
2013: 27
2014: 41
2015: 45 (edit: updated data)
2016: 22 (edit: updated data)
2017: 46 (edit: updated data)
2018: 55 (edit: updated data)
2020: 53 (edit: updated data)

What's the link to biogerontology?
First of all, the pace of pharma research indicates whether we are capable of addressing challenging diseases or if they are intractable for some reason. Second, aging is one of the most challenging diseases or disease-causing conditions and the first, primitive drugs to treat it may well be small molecules. Since development of these anti-aging drugs will require the help of pharma at some point, it's good to see the business thriving again.

1. http://pharmamkting.blogspot.co.at/2014/12/43-of-new-drug-approvals-in-2014-were.html
2. http://cen.acs.org/articles/93/i5/Year-New-Drugs.html


EDIT: Added new data